Studio Policies


Monthly Payment: This fee only covers your class tuition. Additional expenses such as costumes, will still need to be paid separately. Monthly fees are based on our full year divided into monthly payments which are due on the 1st of each month.  

Pay your yearly tuition with cash or check, in full at the time of registration and receive a 5% tuition discount.

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $25 will be posted for all tuition that is paid after the 7th.

Our season will begin on August 5th and run through June 30th. 


New Students $50.00 Continuing Students $40.00

*Enroll in Auto-Pay to take $5 off registration fee

Costume Fees

2/3 YR Pre-Ballet  $95

Combo Tap/Ballet Classes  $180 (two costumes)

Hip Hop/Jazz Combos $100

Contemp/Acro Combo/Tumbling Tots $100

Ballet/Contemporary Combo $100

Level I Classes  $100

Level II Classes  $110

Level III & IV Classes  $120

*A Costume Deposit of $40 per costume is due October 1st. You may make a total of 3 payments, one per month for three months.  Costumes not paid in full by January 1st cannot be ordered.  

Save $10 per costume by paying your costume fee in full on or before November 1st.

Costumes cannot be cancelled after December 1st and all costumes are the sole property and responsibility of the studio until the dancer of his/her family receives them in class. If you drop after paying for costumes but before costumes are received, you will forfeit the amount paid. After receipt of the costume, the family accepts responsibility for alterations and care of all costumes. Costume fees are not refundable.

Recital Fees

1 Dance - $50 2 Dances - $70 3 Dances - $85 Additional dances add $10 each.

*Recital fee is due in full on or before February 1st.

These fees plus ticket sales help us cover the cost of our spring performance (recital) including but not limited to: facility fees, set design, backdrops and props, choreography, programs, personnel, rehearsals, etc. Yes, in addition to these fees, you will need to purchase tickets to the spring show.

  • All purchases made are non-refundable. No refunds for tuition, costumes, recital fee or any other fees can be given. A studio credit can be issued and applied to additional classes within 6 months. After 6 months, any credit remaining will revert to the studio.
  • First tuition payment is due at registration. Second tuition payment is due on the first day of the second month.  
  • Late fees: Tuition that is more than 7 days late will incur a $25 late fee, no exceptions. Returned check fee is $45. Statements will only be sent to students whose accounts are past due. Tuition is due on or before the required date and considered late the next day. To avoid paying late fees, please keep up with your tuition payments.  
  • Every effort will be made to place students in the requested classes but no guarantee is given.
  • Class enrollment is based on each student’s current level of ability as assessed by their teacher and the director. We reserve the right to place dancers based on their ability and maturity and the decisions of our staff and director are final.
  • Dancers should be picked up promptly after class. If your child’s class ends at 7:55 you should already be here waiting to pick her/him up. Know your child’s class schedule and please do not make us wait for you. Dance families who pick up their child more than 5 minutes late will be charged a $10 late pickup fee and an additional $1 per minute after that. This fee will be charged to your account and will have to be paid before the student can resume classes. 
  • Classes with low enrollment may be cancelled or combined at any time. Students in cancelled classes will be given other class options and tuition credit but tuition is non-refundable.
  • All class sizes are limited. If the class you have chosen is full, you will be contacted immediately and given additional class options. Additional class times may be added if needed.
  • A Student is continually enrolled in a class from month to month unless we receive 15 days prior written notice of their dropping the class. If a student wishes to drop any of their classes, written notice must be received 15 days prior or the following month’s tuition will be charged.  All tuition for your classes is charged until 15 days after your written notice was received and accounts will incur late fees and be sent to collections if not paid.
  • Registered students will often be invited to participate in special performances. Participation in these performances is optional but recommended. All photos and videos taken during classes and performances by JADE or their representatives are the sole property of the studio and may be used, at our discretion, in advertising, promotional products and on social media.
  • Proper shoes and dance wear are required for participation in all dance classes. Please see the dress code for more information.
  • Dancers may be required to purchase and provide additional dance shoes and dance accessories for their performance in our annual Spring Concert.
  • All dancers should wear cover-ups and regular shoes to and from class. Dance shoes should never be worn outside of the dance studio as outside dirt can damage our floors and your shoes.
  • Dancers are expected to show respect to their teachers and assistant teachers. We will warn and then remove any student who is being disrespectful and distracting in class, and no refund will be given for that class.
  • Students and/or any families or parents who are disruptive, difficult or disrespectful to our staff, teachers, director or other families may be asked to leave the studio and no refunds will be given.
  • Studio policies may be changed or updated during the year as needed.  
  • Please stay informed about policy changes and updates. Registration and enrollment in classes constitutes you and your family’s agreement to adhere to all current and future studio policies.


  • Always have your dancer at the studio 5-10 min. before class time. Too early or too late is frustrating for everyone. (The studio does not open until 15 minutes before the first scheduled class of the day.)
  • If he/she is a little one, please walk him/her to the classroom door at the start time and make sure they have their dance bag with them. Please say good-bye promptly and leave with a smile.
  • Keep all dance items in a dance bag that is labeled with your dancer’s name.
  • Label EVERYTHING! Forgotten items will be placed in the Lost and Found basket in the dressing room. Items with no names on them will be donated or thrown away within 30 days. We are not responsible for lost shoes or personal items.
  • Periodically check your dancer’s dance wear. All items, shoes and clothing, should fit well and be in good condition.  
  • Send a snack, water bottle or snack/water money if your dancer will be there for more than one consecutive class. We do not have a water fountain and do not provide cups. Water bottles can be purchased from our vending machine for $1.00 or refillable JADE water bottles can be purchased from the front desk for only $7.00.
  • Remind or take them to the bathroom before class to avoid numerous bathroom breaks.
  • Please remind your dancer to put all items back into their bag and clean up all of their own trash that might be left behind. 
  • If you bring additional children to the studio with you, please supervise them and make sure that they clean up after themselves. We try to keep the studio clean at all times. Please help us with this by making sure your family picks up after themselves.
  • Children 5 and under should be supervised in the restroom.
  • Please use the dressing room to change clothes, not our restroom.  
  • Please put empty cans in the recycling can near the trash can. (We recycle aluminum!)
  • Please do not put cups full of liquid in our small black trash cans. These trash cans are better suited for paper items etc. You may empty cups into the break room sink and food containers can go in the large black trash can by the vending machines.  
  • If you are sending your child with a snack, please provide all items he/she will need to eat their snack with. We do not provide silverware, cups and plates, etc.
  • Communication between us is very important for your child to have a fun and successful year. Please be sure we always have your current phone numbers and e-mail addresses on file so that you can stay informed about studio events concerning your child. You may also check your parent portal at any time to see all the information you have given us as well as updates about classes, performances and special events.
  • Please make sure we have an emergency contact who can pick up your child if you aren’t available. This should be someone who lives in the area and may not be their father and mother.
  • Please notify the studio if your child will be absent for any reason.  Our contact info is 817-468-1705, or
  • Please do not call or text Ms. Jane or her staff’s personal phone numbers during regular studio hours. The best way to reach us during these times is by calling the studio directly at 817-468-1705.
  • Please keep yourself and your family up to date by reading all e-mails and notes that come home with your dancer. Also come in and check the bulletin board and your parent portal periodically for news and updates. This studio often communicates via e-mail. Keeping up to date and informed is your individual responsibility.
  • Please keep your calendar up to date by noting extra rehearsals or practices and performances that we have during the year.  If your child misses, it is hard on him/her and their classmates and our staff.
  • Doors to all studios should remain closed at all times. Parents are NOT allowed to enter any class room without invitation. If you need to get your child out of class early, please tell the front desk and we will get him/her for you.
  • An open studio door is not an invitation for you to enter or watch. We do have frequent observation times at the end of classes but please be respectful of our space. An adult standing in a doorway is very distracting no matter who it is.
  • If you have a concern or question, please bring it to the attention of myself or my staff so that we can resolve the problem quickly.

Staff can be reached by email or you may leave a message at the front desk. We will normally get back to you within 1 business day.

Studio Manager/Ballet Director Courtney Stewart

Competition Director  Maegan Stewart

Office Manager   Clarissa Rodriguez

Account Manager Cloe Whiddon

Owner/Studio Director  Jane Stewart

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